Martians Vs Goblins Vs Goons Vs Crooks

17 Aug

I had a bit of bad luck last weekend, This happened;

The wheel on the jack came off (unknown how) and the car fell about 500mm off the jack. Fucked up the bonnet, light, bumper, lip, bumper support, corner light, guard and grill. Managed to bend the guard, bumper suppport and bumper/lip back to shape, grill will hold, and got a new bonnet coming tomorrow. For the mean time, I’m using this Origin type 1 bonnet thanks to my buddy Ryan (KuroNeko – Which is for sale if anyone is interested, excuse tape, just scared of it flying up while i used it for a couple days)

Did a pretty cool headlight mod (OG idea from IWishIhadASilvia)

 Kinda hard to see, I’ll get the 7D out over the weekend and take better pics.


30 Jul

Auckland city pre-World Cup ’11


17 Jul

Finally got out to do a quick shoot on Troys S15R. New paint looks so boss.

The Jones’ Family.

15 Jul

2 and a bit years ago, but best friend was taken from me. He was killed in a car accident on Maraitai road in Clevedon. Today, His younger brother; Mike Jones was killed on the exact same road, at the same age.

He was killed by his friend, who was drink driving.

I’m just so surprised. I don’t know how this can happen to the same family twice. The Jones family is nothing but the best. I love his parents, I love his sister. I love everything about them. I can’t imagine what they are going through.

RIP Mike Jones. I will forever love and support you.

Silver Auto Club

10 Jul

T-Raw pt. 2

8 Jul


6 Jul

Went for a bit of a drive today, I should be at home resting my wrist, but I was so bored.

Happy with how they turned out. Still learning how to use the 7D proper.