Martians Vs Goblins Vs Goons Vs Crooks

17 Aug

I had a bit of bad luck last weekend, This happened;

The wheel on the jack came off (unknown how) and the car fell about 500mm off the jack. Fucked up the bonnet, light, bumper, lip, bumper support, corner light, guard and grill. Managed to bend the guard, bumper suppport and bumper/lip back to shape, grill will hold, and got a new bonnet coming tomorrow. For the mean time, I’m using this Origin type 1 bonnet thanks to my buddy Ryan (KuroNeko – Which is for sale if anyone is interested, excuse tape, just scared of it flying up while i used it for a couple days)

Did a pretty cool headlight mod (OG idea from IWishIhadASilvia)

 Kinda hard to see, I’ll get the 7D out over the weekend and take better pics.


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