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17 Jul

Finally got out to do a quick shoot on Troys S15R. New paint looks so boss.


The Jones’ Family.

15 Jul

2 and a bit years ago, but best friend was taken from me. He was killed in a car accident on Maraitai road in Clevedon. Today, His younger brother; Mike Jones was killed on the exact same road, at the same age.

He was killed by his friend, who was drink driving.

I’m just so¬†surprised. I don’t know how this can happen to the same family twice. The Jones family is nothing but the best. I love his parents, I love his sister. I love everything about them. I can’t imagine what they are going through.

RIP Mike Jones. I will forever love and support you.

Silver Auto Club

10 Jul

T-Raw pt. 2

8 Jul


6 Jul

My buddy Troy asked me to come down and take some pictures of his car getting some bodywork and primer laid down tonight. It’s getting late, So i just did some quick teasers.

Keep an eye out in the next coming days.

Crazy life

1 Jun

Been ages since I updated I know. Haven’t done much but drive it, So happy with the way everything is at the moment, Although I need to buy some newer, smaller tires for the rear. Going to run a 225/35, same as the front, and perhaps lower it a little more in the rear due to the RAKE status.

Went out a couple weeks ago with a buddy of mine, and got some great snaps.

Check out his stuff here –

I have one side PSM nuts, and the other Rays, Unsure weather to run all rays or leave as is?

Manual stuff is going good. Got flywheel machined today (for free! thanks work). Leaves me few parts to buy now, so should only be a couple weeks away.

Mr. WESTmoreland

27 Apr

One minute car wash. from Ashley Westmoreland on Vimeo.