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7 Apr

Well, A huge thanks to Maher for talking me to town and Pukekohe to pick up wheels, and thanks to Hamish and Alby for letting me use their wheels.

I wanted to get this whole drama over and done with as fast as possible, so thanks to the above people, I could go for my re-check on my cert. I also had to get a wheel alignment as another requirement of my cert, so I headed on down to Mag and Turbo Pammure. What a nightmare, After 2 hours, I was finally out of there on my way back to Neils for the re-check. Neil took a picture of my ‘new’ wheels and tires, and quickly passed it and sent me on my way. I still had to find a way to work until the cert plate turns up so I could get the green sticker off.¬†Fortunately, one of my friends works at Juicy Rentals and hooked me up with a killer deal for the week. So I’m cruising around in this;